The Rules of the "Crown Inn"
Sick and Dividend Society  

1.—That this Society shall be called the "Crown Inn Annual Sick and Dividend Society."


2.—That this Society shall consist of an unlimited number of members, and shall have for its object the raising of funds for the benefit of its members. No member shall be entitled to any benefit when suffering from any disease he may have had upon him at the time of his entrance. All members to be voted in by ballot by the majority of members present.


3.—That every candidate for admission into this Society shall be voted in by ballot. Any member joining after the first four weeks of its commencement shall be subject to a fine of 1d. for every week up to the 25th March. No person shall be admitted who is more than 50 years of age, or under 16, unless voted in by a majority of members at a special meeting called for that purpose. After the 25th March in each year every member shall pay 2/6 at the time of entrance.


4.—That on the first meeting night in November, and every alternate night, every member shall pay, or cause to be paid, two weekly payments of 6d. each, between the hours of 8 and 9 p.m. Any member being four weeks in arrears shall be fined 1d., any member being six weeks in arrears shall be fined 3d., any members being eight weeks in arrears shall be suspended for one month after all arrears are paid. Every member shall be clear on the books (including contributions and fines) of the Society, upon the first meeting night in each of the following quarters, viz. :--1st March, 1st June, 1st September, or be fined 6d. Any member being 8 weeks in arrears shall be excluded from the Society.


5.—That a Secretary and Treasurer be appointed, and that the Secretary shall receive a salary of 1/- per member per annum, for which he shall keep a correct account of all monies received and paid away, and shall attend all meetings, and appoint all committee meetings; and shall receive all monies paid on each meeting night from the Stewards, and shall place the same in a savings bank (in his and the Treasurer's names jointly), to be named by the committee, that is when there is a reasonable sum to hand. The Secretary and Treasurer, by virtue of their office, shall, in the Society's name, place all monies, except what is considered necessary to pay the sick, into the bank, and bank book to be left in the Secretary's hands, such book to be produced on any meeting night: and should the Secretary neglect his duty on any meeting night or otherwise, he shall be fined 2/6 for each offence, unless he find a substitute.


6.—That two members shall be appointed auditors, and when requested by members shall audit the Secretary's accounts, and if anything should be found unsatisfactory, report the same at the next meeting night.


7.—That a Committee of Management be appointed to meet when summoned. The Secretary shall lay before them all notices he may have received for the meeting and any other business that is found necessary, and should any member be found infringing the laws of this Society, the Secretary shall summon the Managing Committee to enquire into the case and act according to their discretion, and each of the Committee shall be fined 3d. for non-attendance unless he send a written apology. Such Committee shall have full power and control over all affairs connected with the business of the Society, and shall in all things act for the benefit and government thereof. Every question at a meeting of this Society, or its Committee, shall be decided by majority of votes, and if the votes are equal, the President to have the casting vote.


8.—That three members shall in rotation, as their names stand on the books, act as President and Stewards for six weeks, and shall receive all monies paid into the Society, and before the books are closed each night pay the same over to the Secretary, who shall pay it over and receive a receipt from the Treasurer, and shall produce the same on the next meeting night or be fined 6d. The Steward shall visit the sick once during the week, and pay all sick members every Friday night or be fined 6d. Any member refusing to serve as Steward or President in his turn shall be fined 3d.


9.—That any member claiming benefit from the Society shall send a doctor's certificate (or copy) to the Secretary within 24 hours from time of issue, and providing he has been a member eight weeks he shall be entitled to 8s. a week for eight consecutive weeks; then he shall be suspended for eight weeks, and should his illness continue, he shall then be entitled to eight weeks' sick pay as before, and in like manner every alternate eight weeks.


10.—That any member while on the funds of the Society, being absent from home after six o'clock in the evening, from the 21st of September to the 21st of March, or after nine o'clock from the 21st March to the 21st September, shall be fined 1/- for the first offence, and 2/6 for the second and every other such offence; and any member being found drunk or frequenting public houses, shall be fined 2/6 for the first offence, 5/- the second, and forfeit a week's pay.


11.—That if any member shall receive bodily injury through drunkenness, or from fighting of wrestling, or sporting, he shall not be entitled to any benefit from the Society; all cases arising from such conduct to be referred to a committee of the whole Society. Any member claiming benefit illegally shall forfeit all money he has paid, and be excluded from the Society.


12.—That any Steward or President not attending at every meeting, when in office, from eight till nine o'clock, shall be fined 3d. unless they find a substitute. Any member refusing to pay attention when order is called from the chair, or shall be guilty of swearing or using improper language shall be fined 3d., any member being drunk or abusive during club hours shall be fined 3d. for every such offence, and be expelled from the clubroom.


13.—That upon the death of a member or his wife, who has been in the Society twelve weeks, and not under suspension, shall be entitled to 1s. from each member, which sum shall be paid by the Steward on or before the day of the funeral to the person nominated by the deceased, and shall be repaid into the funds the next clear-up night, or be fined 3d. Every member to receive a summons at such death.


14.—That any member removing from the neighbourhood without giving notice to the Secretary within fourteen days shall be fined 6d.


15.—That on the last meeting night in the year every member must be clear on the books or he will not be entitled to his dividend. The Secretary shall prepare a statement of accounts showing the amount due to each member according to the time of his entrance; and a special meeting shall be called, when every member will be expected to be present to receive his dividend.


16.—That every member shall be supplied with a contribution card and a copy of these rules, for which he shall pay 4d., and should any dispute arise upon any of the foregoing rules or any other subject touching the management of this Society, it shall be settled by a majority of the Committee, as per Rule 7.


17.—That no member shall be allowed to sell his share in the Society, and if found doing so shall be expelled from the Society. That each member shall nominate some person to receive his funeral money. That all the rules be strictly and impartially adhered to, without favour or affection; and that these rules are not altered unless by a majority of the members of this Society.


18.—Any person, male or female, shall be admitted to the club and shall receive the same dividend as an ordinary member, but no sick pay or death levy. This rule does not interfere with rule 13.