Japonica Cottage, Walcote


c 1910

As a child, in the 1940's, we were often told by our parents, about a witch that use to live in this house. In fact every child in Haselor School would have known and talked about a witch living here. I thought that the witch could have lived here hundreds of years previously, but now we have a first hand account by William Sykes meeting the witch in the 1870's. The house use to be called Holloway Cottage.


Now a days, not many families stay in the village for several generations and therefore these stories do not get passed on.

The Legend of the Witch as told in the 1940's

Holloway Cottage is on the side of a hill, called Walcote Hill and one day a horse and cart got stuck trying to go up the hill. After many attempts to get up the hill, a witch then came out of the cottage and said, "I can see your problem", and then proceeded to remove a piece of straw from in front of the cart wheel, and the horse and cart was then able to continue up the hill.

John Finnemore, Walcote Farm